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Carey began her yogic journey after graduating college in 2010 in an effort to help her develop more flexibility, balance, and core strength to support her competitive horseback riding career. She practiced Bikram yoga for two years and took a two year hiatus while balancing horseback riding, a new teaching career, and a family tragedy. In 2015, Carey returned to her mat and started her Vinyasa practice. She fell in love with the practice and was deeply inspired by the instructors and community. At this point, yoga was still a form of exercise for her. 

Two years later, Carey began to understand the spiritual aspect of yoga and noticed facets of her personality and morality change off her mat. When she came onto the mat each day, she thought of something she wanted to cultivate during her practice to bring into her everyday life. Yoga made her more confident, more compassionate, and more flexible in mind and body. Instead of rushing through postures she began to slow them down, and started to take this message with her throughout her day.

Carey decided to pursue her YTT in 2018 and completed her training in March 2019. She is incredibly grateful for the strong and inspirational yoga instructors that have guided her through her journey and for the lessons she has learned along the way. Carey ultimately aims to build confidence, strength, understanding, and compassion within her students and hopes to encourage them to bring their practice off their mat.

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