Dear friend,

This is hard but necessary. Beginning March 16, Blue Lotus Yoga Studio will close its doors until further notice. We are saddened by this decision but confident that it's the right one. Our top priority is to keep our teachers, front desk staff, and clients safe, and to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

We have temporarily paused all Silver and Gold Memberships and have added 1 extra month to all Platinum Memberships and class packs.

Although we won't physically be available, please know that we are here for you. If you have questions or suggestions on how we can continue to serve the BLYS community, please email us. Additionally, we implore you to roll out your mat, grab a yoga block or some hand weights (or soup cans!) and log into our website to access free online classes. These offerings include 20-minute yoga sequences, posture labs, and coming soon, barre and sculpt classes. 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for studio updates and to view what we can guarantee will be some pretty punchy videos. (There have been talks about going live, so you'll definitely want to tune into that mess!:)

We know that working out and practicing yoga at home is not the same as doing it alongside members of your community, but this strange and scary time will pass. Seasons will change, handshakes and hugs will return, and Blue Lotus Yoga Studio will open its doors. 

And when we do it will be one helluva party!

Be well,

Julie & Duffy
Co-owners/founders Blue Lotus Yoga Studio

119 Hillsmere Drive, Annapolis, MD 21403 | 443.949.7553