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A Maryland native, Dominique began her relationship with yoga in 2009 after signing up for a yoga class for college credit. Once she instilled the importance of breath in her practice, she fell in love. Dominique has been sharing her enthusiastic love and appreciation for yoga with others ever since and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Blue Lotus Yoga Studio. Dominique loves learning different asana practices from Yin yoga to Vinyasa flow to Bikram to SUP yoga. Through her teachings, she hopes to create guidance and a space for people to decompress and connect with their internal selves. 

Off the mat, Dominique is a daughter, wife, sister, and friend. She is an avid social worker and psychotherapist and utilizes her professional space to instill mindfulness practices to others. She enjoys eating, traveling, crafting, and hosting an array of events. Each day she is grateful for life, love, interpersonal relationships, and the sun.

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