Mary is a 200 CYT and received her certification through BLYS / YogaWorks with teachers she continues to learn from: Duffy Perkins and Julie Mellk. Mary’s yoga and meditation influences include David Swenson, Faith Hunter, Tara Brach, and John Kornfield, as well as Heather Agnew, with whom she studied Mind Body Meditation (a practice that combines breathing, relaxation, awareness, visualization, and intention-setting in an embodied mindfulness practice).

Mary has been practicing yoga since the early 2000s, when she first got her hands on “the Ashtanga Practice Manual” as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco. Since then, she’s brought her yoga and meditation practice to retreats globally including in Uganda, Chile, and—with BLYS yogis—will head back to Iceland and Cuba.

In recent years, Mary’s favorite student⁠ is her 7 year old nephew, whose meditation sessions with his auntie caused him to reach such deep relaxation that he fell asleep at his proper bedtime—despite his best efforts.

Mary is the Executive Director of the BA Women's Alliance, a nonprofit which advances equity for women. She is also a cofounder of Equity in the Center which works to shift mindsets, practices and systems in the social sector to center race equity and build a Race Equity Culture. She holds a BA in Poverty Studies from the University of Virginia, and an MPA from Princton's School of Public and International Affairs.