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Guest Faculty


​Monica holds a Masters of Education (M.Ed.) and a Masters Certificate in Mind, Brain and Teaching (MCMBT), graduating summa cum laude, from Johns Hopkins University. In this program, Monica focused her research review on the mechanisms involved in allostatic load, the consequences of stress overload on the nervous system, and the impact it has on mood, learning, behavior, executive function and well being as well as the effectiveness of mindfulness as an intervention to ameliorate and even transform our reaction to stressors.

Monica has created a 3-level, research-based course called “Neurobiology of Stress Management – Mindfulness and Meditation Tools for Wellbeing.” to share the powerful neuroscience-based techniques she developed to master her mind, and become her best self.

In these courses, she incorporates different modalities, synthesizes them and brings them together to achieve the best outcomes. Monica integrates brain science, mindfulness, and deep Jungian Psychology to raise awareness of one’s experience, restructure the architecture of the brain through neuro-plasticity, develop habits of mind to handle stressors, and bring joy and vibrancy into one’s life.

We are honored to have Monica as a Guest Faculty member during the Teaching Meditation and Pranayama weekend module.

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