Nicole fell in love with fitness at the tender age of 13 while working out to her Cindy Crawford exercise VHS tapes in her basement. A running and cardio junkie at heart, Nicole was pleasantly surprised when introduced to barre as a group fitness instructor. Today, she loves to show her students how a low impact barre or sculpt workout can be both challenging and a great way to get your heart pumping.


Nicole has experience teaching additional formats such as barbell weight training, circuit-training, indoor cycling, and high intensity interval training (HIIT), so her students can expect to see strength training and cardio infused into her BLYS Classic Barre and BLYS Sculpt classes. 


Nicole believes it’s important to have fun and make connections during class. Expect to laugh and perhaps even make a few new friends. She grew up on a farm in North Dakota and now lives with her partner Dave in Eastport with their two pit bulls, Bella and Rafiki. Nicole’s mission statement in life is this: “have one small but meaningful impact on one person each day.”

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