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Tate Englund

Guest Faculty

Influenced by injuries and obsession with anatomy, Tate Englund, an E-500RYT, specializes in functional, technique-based vinyasa. Studying years with Jason Crandell, and inspired by the teachings of Dr. Andreo Spina, a sports specialist, Tate continues to refine his teaching and personal practice, working to improve quality of life by focusing on the balance between strength & flexibility.

As a lifelong, high-level athlete, inversions and arm balances gave Tate the challenge he was looking for. He mentions often, that if it wasn’t for arm balances & inversions, he wouldn’t be where he is today; teaching yoga around the world. Tate’s ability to take complex and difficult material, simplify it and make it digestible is what sets him apart and has allowed him to successfully teach thousands of students worldwide through his teacher trainings, workshops, retreats and yoga school.

Connect with Tate:

Tate Englund | | Instagram: @tateenglund | YouTube: Tate Englund Yoga | Facebook: Tate Englund Yoga

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